Now is the time to focus on your health

THERE is a lot of anxiety at present and it is important to stay calm and focus on being in your best health. If you have been thinking of making some positive changes in your health, now is the time to make those changes. Here are a few ways to support your health and immune system.



Many people remember their parents giving them cod liver oil as a child. Cod Liver Oil is high in vitamin D and Vitamin A. Vitamin D is antiviral and immune enhancing and Vitamin A supports mucus membranes. This is a good time to be ensuring you are taking a vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D can be tested in a blood test. It is a very affordable supplement and absorbs best with food. It will also support bone health. Vitamin D comes from the sun. Many people are deficient in Australia as we are taught to cover up and wear sun protection.


If we look back on history, not only did they work out that the sun helped to support the immune system but so did fresh air. This is not a time to be locking yourself up inside but at least be getting some fresh air, even if that is sitting in your own back yard. A walk on the beachfront would also be helpful.


There are many herbs that may support the immune system including Echinacea, Olive Leaf, Astragalus, Elderberry etc. Herbs can interact with pharmaceutical medication so it is important to have advice from a qualified health professional if you are on medication. All herbal products are not equal. The therapeutic benefit of a herb will depend if the correct species and part of the herb are used. Quality is also important. Our Naturopaths source herbs from the first herbal lab that was created in Australia.


Immune supporting herbal teas, broths, collagens, homeopathics and food based products are suitable for people who are unsure about taking herbal tablets and supplements due to their medications. Broths are ideal when you don’t feel like making that whole chicken soup from scratch yourself. The broths are naturally filled with essential vitamins that when consumed as part of a healthy diet and varied diet will support immunity such as Zinc and B12. Zinc is an essential mineral in supporting the immune system and also contributes to cell protection from free radicals.


Cold pressed juices (not the same as normal juices) are designed to provide optimal amount of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, natural probiotics and electrolytes. Our 3 Day Juice Cleanse is an ideal way to support your family’s immune system. You can also add to it our Immune Juice in a 1 Litre bottle that has been racing out the door. Many people are just adding the juices in to their normal diet at this time, as a way of boosting their immune system.


Probiotics and supporting gut health is an important way of supporting the immune system. Probiotics need to have a two-hour gap between the ingestion of an antibiotic so they don’t counteract each other out. Probiotics are ideal to have this time of the year to build your immune system prior to winter.


Keeping your diet clean with healthy food and beverages is essential. Sugar depletes nutrients from the body so it is not the time to be treating your children with lollies and sweets. Eat a balanced diet of protein, unrefined whole grains, essential fatty acids, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds. Goats milk is my favourite along with almond milk and coconut milk. Goats milk is available fresh in Queensland and long life and Coles and Woolworths. Cow’s milk may be mucus forming for some people.


To support the immune system, it is best to keep alcohol at a minimum and avoid having any big nights drinking. Use this as a time to really support your body and replace your drinks with mineral water, lemon, lime and bitters or, better still, water and herbal teas. It may just help to create some positive changes for the future.


Don’t forget vitamin C. It is well known to support the immune system but it is not suitable if you have a history of high iron stores or hemochromatosis. Vitamin C increases iron absorption. Vitamin C absorbs best with regular lower dosages.


Although there are supplements available on supermarket shelves, we really recommend that people be careful about self-prescribing. As you can see above, some supplements are not always suitable to everyone. Our Naturopaths are highly qualified and available for in person, phone, Skype, FaceTime and email appointments. Our suppliers can deliver your customised natural medicine scripted products straight to your door.



PUT a whole free range or organic chicken in the slow cooker covered with half pure water and half chicken stock. Leave on low overnight or for eight hours. The next morning, with much patience, remove all the bones. You may need to add more…

…stock and pure water. Add diced up fresh garlic, ginger and onion. Grate up five carrots and two parsnips. And add some chopped celery. Cook on low for eight hours. Add cracked pepper and Himalayan sea salt to taste.

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