Many people suffer from bloating on a daily basis.  It is often not talked about and some people are at the stage that they feel it is normal.  Before I was a Naturopath I spent many years feeling bloated.  As soon as I ate a meal I felt bloated.  It can be very embarrassing and so uncomfortable.  It can turn a good day into a bad day.


For both men and women, there is nothing worse than going out for dinner and then feeling like your clothes don’t fit after the meal and for some people, it even looks like they are pregnant.  All that exercise to have a flat stomach and one meal and you wonder what happened.


And then you try and work out which foods are causing this discomfort.  But it seems to change from day to day.  You think “well I ate that same meal 2 days ago and I was fine”.

Are You Feeling Bloated

Some people even wonder if they are a coeliac.  They speak to their doctor to only be told that they are not.


So there are two aspects happening here.  One is to do with Enzyme Deficiency.  We have some enzymes in our saliva and others come from or pancreas.  The pancreas produces enzymes that are required for the digestion and absorption of foods.  Enzymes secreted include lipases, proteases and amylases.  These enzymes assist us in the breakdown of fatty acids, protein and starches.


Most of our meals have a protein, fatty acid and a starch in them.  I always say that this is why Roast Dinner used to be made for a Sunday lunch.  As after that, a restful afternoon is required to break down the food combinations.


When I was first introduced to digestive enzymes, they changed my life.  My practice as a Naturopath started with the focus and research on digestive enzymes.  And still, 10 years later, enzymes deficiency is one of the first areas I look at with a person’s health.  We are not what we eat but what we digest.  You could have the healthiest diet in the world but if you are not digesting properly, you will not be absorbing the nutrients and minerals.


Enzymes are different to probiotics as well.  And not all enzymes formulas are the same.  I have researched and tried many different formulas over the years, in Australia and from overseas, and I still keep to my same favourite formula that gives the results my clients need. It combines enzymes with other digestive support to give the ultimate results.  Using inferior products may be a waste of time and not give the results you require.


Enzymes will also help with overall digestion, constipation, diahorrea, indigestion, heartburn, arthritis, food intolerances, bloating, low energy, fussy eating, gout, weight gain, mineral and vitamin deficiency and many, many other health complaints.


Food Intolerances is another cause of bloating.  Enzymes will help but initially the foods will need to be removed.  In fact, enzyme deficiency can be part of the cause.  This is because a deficiency can be stopping your protein, starches and fatty acids from breaking down correctly.  To find out which foods are incompatible with your body and affecting your digestion you can consider an elimination diet.  This can be quite stressful for many people, especially children.  At Bargara Beach Holistic Health Centre, we use Hair Testing of 500 items to help pin point the foods that are incompatible for your particular body.  We then remove those foods for 6 months while repairing your digestion and then retest the hair sample.  At this time, we quite often see 75 % of the foods correct.  A combination of Hair Testing and our enzyme formula sees a major improvement in bloating within 4 weeks if not sooner.


You can access the Hair Testing of 500 Items at our website here, and the report, which is done here in Australia, will be emailed to your within 2 weeks.


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Disclaimer:  This article is not to replace medical advice.  Please speak to your GP if you have any concerns.  We also do not recommend self prescribing Natural Medicines.  Natural Medicines can interact with pharmaceuticals and disease states. We recommend seeing a Qualified Naturopath to discuss supplements that are suitable for your particular body and to access suitable Natural Medicines.