Is your body in a state of oxidative stress?

by Jul 18, 2017Health & Well-being

Oxidative Stress is an imbalance between ‘free radicals’ production and the existing antioxidant capacity of our body.  Free radicals attack other molecules.  In an ideal situation, the body’s normal cellular repair functions would be able to repair the damage created by oxidative stress.  However, if you have an elevated level of free radicals and insufficient antioxidants to balance them, cellular damage will result.

Oxidative stress is not a disease but a condition which can lead to or accelerate the progress of diseases.  It can be the result of exposure to toxins or pathogens, a low antioxidant defence system or lifestyle factors.

Examples of the effects of oxidative stress include premature skin ageing due to a build-up of free radicals in the skin, the development of cellulite due to circulatory failure in the presences of excess free radicals, and the fatigue experienced after strenuous physical activity.

Unlike a disease, oxidative stress does not exhibit any symptoms but can emerge as a health risk, particularly if prolonged and associated with other well known risk factors such as high blood pressure, high lipid profiles, hyperglycaemia, obesity and smoking. Other factors affecting high oxidative stress include inflammation, unbalanced diet, environmental pollutants, bacterial – viral and fungal infections, stress, endurance performance etc.

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How antioxidant works

We now have a new test equipment which measures your cholesterol levels, oxidative stress with the Free Oxygen Radical Test and Free Oxygen Radical Defence using quick and simple blood tests that can be performed in the clinic with results available within 10 minutes.  Both testing equipment’s are TGA approved.

Detection of your Oxidative Stress levels allows for the development of intervention strategies which can contribute to a delay in the progression of a disease, and may improve the outcome and therefore enhance quality of life.  It can also inspire lifestyle changes, commitment to health programs, and an effective way of monitoring what is happening in the body.

We are now offering testing days for our existing clients.  This will include blood testing (pinprick through the finger) for Oxidative Stress levels, using other equipment to record weight, muscle to fat percentages, hydration levels, fluid balance within and without of your cells, measurements, checking of tongue, eyes, ears, nails, blood pressure.  This information is then written up in a report of findings and discussed at your next review so a program of detoxification, weight loss, or maintenance can be implemented and monitored.

We are currently seeing an increase in weight loss for clients who are being monitored closely.  This is combined in with their individualised, compounded protein powder.

We also have In-Clinic equipment that can work as a screening tool for blood testing iron, thyroid, hormones, blood sugar and many other tests.  This equipment has been ideal for monitoring patients in between Full Blood Tests when wanting to reduce or increase levels with Natural Medicines. These tests are done through a pin prick of blood and results are in 10 minutes.  It is used by various Integrated GPs and some hospitals for Point of Care testing.

For new clients, you are going to be joining us at a great time where you will have access to TGA approved, highly effective equipment that is owned by only a few naturopaths around the country (see prices for consultations below).

Initial Consultations – $175 (1 hour)

Children’s Initials – $120 (1 hour)

Review Consultations – $120 (1 hour)

Short Appointment – $75 (30 mins, no testing)

Programs are available.  Registered with all health funds in Australia.  Eftpos and Credit Card facilities are available and payment plans are available for our programs and Hair Testing 500 Items.

Disclaimer:  This article is not to replace medical advice


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