Detox will get you in shape

by Jun 29, 2016News

Rebecca Lang

Tailor made weight-loss program

ARE you wanting to lose some weight before Christmas? Well, the time is now. At Bargara Beach Holistic Health Centre we offer tailor made detoxification and weight-loss programs.


Our programs start from three weeks and six weeks and assist you to make those lifestyle changes. Maybe you have been trying to lose weight for some time with no success. Our clinic will find out why you are not losing those extra kilos. We will  educate you on what blood pathology you can request from your GP, along with request the blood pathology
through our clinic where we can have the results in either 15 minutes or 24 hours.


It is important to understand that toxins are stored in our fat cells. Unsupervised detox or weight-loss programs may not support phase 2 detoxification pathways which can actually put the body at more risk. Toxins can then overflow from the liver, rather than leave the body through excretory pathways, and turn into free radicals. Our clinic also looks at assisting you with detoxing your home. Most people are unaware of the toxic environment they are unconsciously living in. We will help you to access non toxic cleaning and household products direct from a wholesaler. Many of these items are cheaper than the supermarket brands.


Children and babies are at more risk of toxic household products with their bodies, brain and organs being smaller and still developing. The rise in ADHD, autism, auto immune diseases, liver issues, chronic fatigue, and many other diseases may be related to our toxic environment. We may not be able to change the world we live in but we can choose what we use in our own homes and the foods that we eat. Along with supporting our bodies with regular phase 1 and phase 2 effective detoxification programs. Our 21st century lifestyle shows a society of excess weight, allergies, skin issues, fatigue, headaches, adrenal depletion, and an increase in auto immune issues, increased obesity, along with an increase in colds, flus and viruses. Detoxification occurs naturally in our body on an ongoing basis to minimise the damage from harmful substances and eliminate them from your system.

However, with all these dietary, environmental and lifestyle stressors we encounter in modern life, our body’s natural detoxification processes may not be working efficiently. Other functional pathology testing includes a functional liver detoxification profile.This test challenges the liver’s phase I and phase II detoxification capacity with low doses of caffeine, aspirin and paracetamol.

Saliva and urine specimens, collected at timed intervals, are then analysed for metabolites of the three compounds to determine the efficiency of the liver in their conversion and clearance
from the body. The results of a functional liver detoxification profile will support accurate identification of the individual’s detoxification profile and assist in the direction of treatment.
Our basic detoxification programs start from $150 plus consultation at Bargara Beach Holistic Health Centre (Rebecca Lang is available for in clinic consultations as well as phone and Skype consultations)


Start your journey to better health TODAY! 

RebeccaLang BHSc (CompMed) Naturopath.