Hashimoto’s Disease

by Oct 4, 2017Health & Well-being

What is Hashimoto’s Disease?

Hashimoto’s is an auto-immune disorder.  Doctors don’t know at this stage what causes your immune system to attack the thyroid, but scientists are investigating viruses and bacteria as a trigger response, or in some cases it may be genetics.

Many people also have low levels of iodine and selenium due to deficiencies in our soils.  From a clinical point of view, we often see thyroid issues about 2 years after a very stressful period of time where a person may have been running on adrenaline.  Many mums who are working and raising a family, who don’t ever get time to rest or stop, are also running on constant adrenaline.  This can then disturb the thyroid function.

The thyroid stores and produces hormones that are involved in functioning of nearly every organ in our body.  The thyroid hormone also regulates our metabolic rate and is therefore involved with weight and energy levels.

Has your Thyroid been checked recently?  Perhaps you were told it was ‘normal’.  However be aware that with Hashimoto’s quite often the TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) is within range BUT the antibodies may be elevated.  If left too long the thyroid will become hypothyroid.  And antibodies are not routinely tested unless TSH is elevated.

Ask yourself – have you been experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Fatigue and Sluggishness                 
  • Hair Loss                                
  • Unexplained Weight Gain 
  • Constipation                                     
  • Pale, Dry skin                        
  • Muscle aches & stiffness 
  • Prolonged Menstrual Bleeding       
  • Joint pain and stiffness        
  • A puffy face Depression                                        
  • Brain Fog                               
  • Brittle Nails   
  • Increased cold sensitivity                
  • Swelling in the neck             
  • Difficulty swallowing  
  • High Cholesterol

If so, it may be that you are showing symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease.

What should you do?

At Bargara Beach Holistic Health Centre, our Naturopaths are able to request blood pathology directly through local labs.  Unfortunately, they are not covered under Medicare.  However, many people are choosing to pay for private testing to investigate various health issues and concerns.  Some testing costs under $50 and we have a yes/no answer.

Our Naturopaths are also trained in physical observation to assess your body signs and symptoms – and will then confirm with blood pathology.  We can then use Natural Medicines and dietary advice to improve your blood pathology and symptoms.  And if required and suitable, refer you back to your GP with a copy of your test results.

It is important to NOT self prescribe kelp, iodine or other Natural Medicines if you suspect a thyroid issue.  You may be Hyperthyroid and these Natural Medicines will make your symptoms worse and could cause long term problems.  If you are on Thyroxine it is also best that you don’t self prescribe supplements as they may interfere with the Thyroxine.  If you are on Thyroxine, it is important to monitor your iron and calcium as both may become depleted.

If you would like to have access to a personalised script for Natural Medicines, Practitioner Natural Medicines that will give you results, and access to private lab testing, contact our clinic and book in to see one of our Naturopaths.

DISCLAIMER:  This is not to replace medical advice.  Please speak to your Medical Practitioner if you have any concerns.  Please contact your Naturopath if you would like to do a supervised detox.

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