I Knew I Wanted To Be a Naturopath

by Jan 17, 2018Health & Well-being

The Earth has provided us with support for our bodies to naturally and beautifully move into the cycles of life.

Since I was 18 I knew I wanted to be a Naturopath.  Unfortunately, Naturopathy was not covered under HECS or Fee Help, and all subjects have to be paid upfront.  I grew up in Perth and worked in a Doctors Surgery when I finished year 12.  I was then offered a high paying job in Port Hedland which lead me into being a Taxation Consultant, Bookkeeper and Financial Planner.  I enjoyed this work but in my heart I knew I still wanted to be a Naturopath.  But the funds just never seemed to be there.

When I was 23 I moved back to Perth, but before I left an Aboriginal Elder offered me an opportunity to research Traditional Medicine out at the Communities.  It was an opportunity that I did not take, but I have thought about often.  I went back to Perth and while working in Financial Planning I started studying Naturopathy.  One module at a time.  I would have to pay for a module, do the study and exam and then pay for the next module.  During this time I had my son and moved to Qld where I could access my college at the Gold Coast and my University (UNE) in NSW.

After many years of working and studying with a young child, I finally qualified as a Naturopath and Nutritionist with 3 Advance Diplomas and a Bachelor in Health Science majoring in Complementary Medicine.  On the day of my graduation, I did not attend, as I started consulting that day, and I have not stopped consulting since. That was over 10 years ago.

Every day I consult as a Naturopath is a true blessing.  I love my life’s work with a passion.  I also mentor Naturopaths around Australia, and have an Internship program for student Naturopaths.  When you love what you do, going to work, is not work.  I take my clients health very seriously and over the years have completed many additional Diplomas and Certificates, along with attending every Webinar and Seminar that I can.

I work extensively with blood pathology and through that I am able to see the difference that Natural Medicine can make to a person’s health.  Without having the side effects of some pharmaceutical medicines.  All the Natural Medicines that I recommend are TGA approved with extensive clinical and scientific studies done on them, published in Medical Journals.  Some people still think that Natural Medicines don’t have any research on them.  For example, it is quite easy to do some quick research to see over 2000 studies done on fish oil. 20 – 30 years ago there wasn’t many studies done on Natural Medicines but a lot has changed since then.

I am finding that many Doctors, but mostly Specialists are seeing the benefits of Natural Medicines and how they are making a difference to the patient’s symptoms and health.  I also love having the access to scientific equipment that tells us more about our bodies and also access to blood pathology and private lab testing.

Many of my Naturopath colleagues are similar to me where we are so passionate about helping people with their health that we often get burnt out ourselves.  As a mum, business owner, and Naturopath, I myself also have to try to keep the balance.  Ensuring I have plenty of down time, fit in exercise, time with friends and family and just taking myself out for lunch or breakfast sometimes.  I also write for a few magazines and I am currently writing a book.  Writing helps me to relax and will hopefully be a way of helping more people.

Never give up on your passion!  If deep inside you, you have a dream – maybe it is to be a dressmaker, or to work in a café, or a dog groomer etc – whatever it is – follow your dream!  Even if it takes a while to get there, it will be worth it in the end.

DISCLAIMER:  This is not to replace medical advice.  Please speak to your Medical Practitioner if you have any concerns.  Please contact your Naturopath if you would like to do a supervised detox.

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