What is a Naturopath?

by Jul 17, 2017Health & Well-being

Naturopathic Medicine is a primary health care system that encourages the body’s self-healing process though the use of Natural Therapies and Natural Medicines drawing on both Traditional Healing Methods and Modern Medical Science.

Naturopathy works with preventing the long term use of pharmaceutical medicine when a natural medicine may work just as effectively if not better, without the side effects.

If you already are on pharmaceuticals, Naturopaths are trained to work around them and ensure there is no interaction with your natural medicines. We also have access to superior, high dose supplements and can advise you on a tailored made script for your particular health issues.

Don’t waste your money on self-prescribing retail products. Many people are doing more harm than good by taking incorrect supplements for their particular health issues.

Naturopaths empower people by teaching them about their own bodies and educating them in which conventional pathology and functional pathology testing may be available to assess what is happening inside of the body.


People choose to see a Naturopath as a private patient, investing in further investigation into their own health. Whether it is to improve their well-being, prevent disease states, increase energy, spend an hour or longer with someone who can listen to assess their health complaints, investigate ongoing symptoms that have had no relief from, be educated on which supplements they should take, access higher dosage supplements, check for interactions in pharmaceuticals and natural medicines or just look at dietary changes and weight loss…………..a Naturopath is there to help you.

It is a specialised area of study and more and more people are starting to understand how a Naturopath can assist them with their health. For example, have you ever wondered what all those numbers mean on your blood tests that are usually “normal”?  I have a keen interest in blood pathology when working with client’s health.  I regularly request my own blood pathology and will encourage you to see your GP for yearly blood tests if possible.

Blood pathology gives a lot of information about the body, although many people are not aware of this and many “normal” blood tests results can give me a lot of information.  This information can include digestive issues, mineral deficiencies, acid/alkaline balance, protein metabolism etc.  I am also compounding individualized protein powders and other formulas, specific for my client’s health requirements.

In Australia, Naturopathy is not yet “Registered”.  This will be changing over the next few years.  Although there is a division amongst Naturopaths, many are wanting the registration to be more respected as a health professional while others prefer to keep things the way they are.

It is essential to ask your “Naturopath” for their qualifications and even sight their certificate as at this point in time, people are still calling themselves a Naturopath but may not be suitably qualified which can put people at risk.

I encourage you to see a qualified Naturopath so you can access superior products specific for your requirements and have advice on the correct testing for your body.


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