What Is Happening With Your Skin?

by Jul 20, 2017Health & Well-being, Product Spotlight

Do you or a family member have eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis, acne, random rashes, scarring or any other skin condition?  Are you having to use steroid creams?

Are you aware of the long term side effects of steroid creams? Are you using expensive topicals without any long term results?

In my Naturopathic Clinic, one of the areas I specialise in is skin.

I firstly like to remove any incompatible foods from the clients’ diet.  To do this I use an alternative Naturopathic Test that involves Hair Testing for 500 items (which can be accessed on our website).

Sometimes other testing may be required such as hormone testing. I then correct the internal physical body with individualised practitioner supplements and then we use certain topical products as well.  This combination is proving to give outstanding results, helping many people improve and clear a variety of skin issues.

I also mentor many naturopaths around Australia about how I receive the results I do with skin conditions.  Skin can be a challenging area to treat medically, pharmaceutically and naturopathically.  So many people suffer for years with skin conditions without any permanent results or improvement.

Contact the clinic for a consultation and you can also access the Hair Testing 500 at https://www.healthandhealing.net.au/services/hair-testing/

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