Naturopathic Consultation

By appointment only
Rebecca Lang

Rebecca is a highly qualified naturopath and owner/operator of Bargara Beach Holistic Health Centre.

Rebecca has a Bachelor in Complimentary Medicine and Advance Diplomas in Western Herbal Medicine, and Naturopathy, as well as various related qualifications.  She is also registered with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.

Rebecca believes in bringing the body, mind, emotions and spirit into balance with natural medicines and works from a holistic approach.

During a consultation or testing appointment, our Naturopaths can:

  • review copies of blood tests
  • request further blood testing and write to your GP if required
  • Use the in clinic IChroma for a range of blood tests through a pin prick of blood with results in 30 minutes  (including TSH, Hormones, Cortisol, etc)
  • request functional pathology (saliva testing for hormones and adrenals; MTHFR etc )
  • use hair testing to check 500 foods and household items that may be causing irritation in the body (Individualised dietary advice using BioCompatibility)
  • urine biochemistry (using the first morning urine)
  • extensive health history and symptom research
  • computerised iridology
  • medication and supplement reviews.

Specialising in many areas including skin (eczema, psoriasis, acne, unusual rashes); digestive issues (bloating, IBS, food sensitivities); children’s behaviour issues; fertility; thyroid and adrenal support; diabetes and pre diabetes; osteoporosis; menopause and hormonal issues etc

Rebecca will then prescribe lifestyle changes that include wholistic wellness advice, herbal formulations, vitamins and minerals to assist in correcting imbalances in the body. Rebecca has been trained in interactions and benefits between pharmaceuticals and complementary medicines and will at no point request a patient to stop prescribed pharmaceutical medication without the Doctors consent.

Bach Flowers are used in some consultations to assess the emotional status of the client and a complimentary remedy is given to the client. This also assists with anxiety. Spiritual and chakra balancing may also be part of the consultations.

Phone and Skype consultations are also available (starting at $150). Forms and blood tests are sent either by mail or email. Prescribed products are sent by Express Post.

Rebecca is also available for appointments for Reiki and Ear Candling as well as Spiritual Counselling and Chakra Balancing.

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