Nurture your soul and reconnect with your Spirit.


Women’s Goddess Retreat 2018

Detox Your Body, Mind and Soul

Are you a woman that is feeling stressed, burnt out and sometimes overwhelmed?

Do you find yourself struggling to make positive health and emotional changes?

Do you feel like life is passing you by with no real meaning and your personal goals and inspiration were lost long ago?

If this feels and sounds like you, then it is time to think about nurturing your body, reconnecting with your Spirit and creating the life you always dreamed of.


Women’s Goddess Retreat – Detox Your Body, Mind and Soul

Where: Bargara Beach, Queensland
When:  22 to 26 September 2018


Over 5 amazing days and 4 nights, we will come together at ZEN Beach Retreat in Bargara Queensland.

This is the perfect place to break some old habits and start living the life you believe.  

A life that supports your dreams and visions for yourself and your family.

Just imagine!  

Four nights to yourself in a healthy, supportive environment with the assistance of Naturopath Rebecca Lang and her Naturopathic Team.

By the time you leave you will look and feel amazing and will have had the time to remember who you are and the dreams for your ideal life that you may have forgotten long ago.


By joining this exclusive group of up to 12 women you will feel supported by those around you and by the Retreat Team.

Over our time together, you will receive the Information and tools to take home to make positive changes in your life.  Whether that is eating healthier food, more movement, better lifestyle choices, or meditation.  Whatever it is that you need from our team, we can support you to move forward and gain the skills to make positive changes in your life when you are back home in your normal environment.

You will walk away feeling rested, having had the opportunity to rest each afternoon, indulge in yoga and meditation sessions and begin the detox process through the Retreat facilities and magnesium pool.

You will feel that they have been able to release some of the issues that have been holding you back from living your ideal life.

Our Days

Our time together begins even before the retreat starts, with a personal testing appointment and naturopathic consult at our clinic (valued at $300).  We do this as it allows us to test for Oxidated Stress (how toxic your body is), VLA Testing (muscle, fat and fluid percentages, energy levels etc) as well as various other Naturopathic tests, which will enable us to establish a report to compare with when you leave the retreat.

After arrival at Women’s Goddess Retreat, time will slow down and moments stretch out before you and allow you to feel like you have been away for much longer than a few days.  We will begin each morning with a detox tea and time in the private magnesium pool.  Magnesium pools are designed to support the detoxification process – ridding the body of toxins so you immediately feel better.  Throughout history the benefits of having pools with mineral deposits has been well known – those before us all over the world saw these benefits and used natural springs to benefit skin, bones and respiratory conditions, as well as general health and wellbeing.

Breakfasts will be made up of beautiful fresh fruit smoothies followed by a beach walk and meditation.  Yoga will also be available each day and these sessions will lovingly awaken your muscles and joints and allow you space to set your wishes and intentions for the day ahead.

Each morning there will be conversations and workshops based on our theme of detox your body, mind and soul and how these two can be combined within your life.  These will be conducted by our team of nutritionists and naturopaths.  Our focus will be on our own health, detoxing and changing your mindset.  This in turn will allow time for beautiful conversations that mean something and it is often in these that something shifts and your life will change.  Retreats are a magical opportunity to step from your ordinary life into something extraordinary that allows you the space to focus on just you without all the distractions of the outside world.

Our afternoons will consist of time just for you – relax by the pool, take a nap, head to the beach for a stand-up paddle board lesson, have a surf or head out in a kayak.  It is also in the afternoons that there will be time for your included therapeutic massage or Reiki session.  Or, we can swap your massage for an Iridology Consultation with one of our team and discover the secrets of your health and personality behind your eyes.

After a relaxed vegetarian dinner, we will come together again for meditations, continue our workshops and sit by the fire to watch the full moon rise over the ocean.


ZEN Beach Retreat has been specifically chosen, as their aim is to improve, or maintain their guest’s wellbeing, specifically their physical strength, emotional balance and social self-confidence.  Wellness and fairness are the owners’ two core values and underpin the caring, trusting relationship that you will experience at ZEN. These values exhibit an acceptance in the value of individual human life in quantity and quality.

The villas maintain this integrity and are themed from the Orient to France – it is like stepping into another world.  They are located between the Great Barrier Reef and Fraser Island and have a private beachfront for their guests – that’s us!

We will be the only guests at ZEN so we can fully immerse ourselves in the experience.



Sometimes it is hard to make the decision to do something for yourself, especially when you are used to looking after others or putting commitments first – so here is all the ‘other’ information for you to ponder on.

Who Is Rebecca Lang?

CLICK HERE to find out more

Who will be coming?

This retreat is designed especially for women of all ages.  The great things about Retreats are that if you come alone, you have an instant group of new friends because retreats are set up to be inclusive and non-judgemental.

How do I get to ZEN?

Bargara is located about 4.5 hours from Brisbane, 3.5 from the Sunshine Coast or Rockhampton.  If you don’t want to travel alone, we can connect you with other women coming from your area so you can travel together.  If you are flying in, we will discuss transportation with you.

Do I need to share a room?

There are four twin rooms and only four single rooms, so we encourage you to book with a friend.  Single rooms will incur a surcharge.

What will we eat?

This is a detox Retreat, so the menu has been planned accordingly.  Years of experience means what we will eat has been designed to support your body in its detox, so therefore we have put together a menu that is luscious and nurturing – vegetarian meals that are gluten, dairy, alcohol and sugar free. There will be fruit smoothies, vegetable juices, soups, salads, herbal teas and detox drinks.  Food will be light to take stress off the digestive system while the body is spending energy detoxing and cleaning out toxins. Please don’t worry about there not being enough food, or that there is no meat.  We promise you that we will make sure there is plenty to nurture you in what you need.

I’m Worried as I have a Food Allergy.

That is fair enough – we would be too.  You will need to bring any medication with you and brief us on use and dosage before the retreat begins so we can get any information and prepare what we need.

I have never been away without family or friends.

The best things about Retreats are meeting new people – often women come alone and go home with life-long friends.  But yes, it is a bit stressful going to something where you worry you won’t know anyone. Before the Retreat, you will be connected through a Facebook group and we will have an online meetup.  We can even try to arrange travel to and from Bargara with someone else from your area if you would like that.

What Will the Weather Be Like?

The average weather for that time of the year is about 26oC – perfect for swimming and sitting outside without getting too hot and humid.

Can I Pay in Instalments?

Yes, we will discuss with you all the options.  There is a $500 deposit to secure a shared room, or $700 deposit for a single room. Just speak to our friendly team and we were work with you to make this happen in the easiest way for you.  After the deposit is paid, there is the option to pay the balance in one, two or three instalments – making it super easy to manage. Or we can assist you with arranging a weekly or fortnightly Direct Debit.

Anything else?

We are happy to answer any questions you have – please email Rebecca ( and we can set up a time to chat – or call her on 07 4159 1834.


Before The Retreat

  • You will be part of a Facebook Group where you can go to ask any questions and gain valuable information. This is a private and hidden group, so only those joining us will have access.  If you’re not on Facebook, don’t worry, as we will get the information to you as well.
  • You will have a one-on-one testing appointment and naturopathic consult at our clinic – if you are travelling from interstate we will discuss the options for this with you.
  • You will receive emails with all the information that you need to make coming to this Retreat a breeze.


During the Retreat

  • Four nights accommodation in a twin share room at ZEN Beach Retreat
  • All listed meals – 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 4 dinners – these will all be at our amazing accommodation and leave you feeling healthier, cleaner and content.
  • Luxurious Welcome Gifts – this is so you know you are appreciated and cared for
  • A Full Moon Welcome Ceremony to set your intentions for the Retreat
  • Workshops that will take you on a journey of discovery based on women’s health and spirituality and how these two can be combined within your life. Our focus will be on our own health, detoxing and changing your mindset.
  • Daily yoga and meditation to lovingly awaken your muscles and joints and set your wishes and intentions for the day ahead.
  • A Therapeutic Massage/Reiki or Iridology Session – the choice is yours

There are some activities scheduled that are not listed here, as by telling you what they are would spoil the surprise.


After the Retreat

  • Bach Flower Individualised Rescue Remedy to take home with you
  • An individual call from one of the retreat team that will be to check in with you and support your new journey.


What Is Not Included

  • Travel to and from the Retreat Location
  • Domestic Travel Insurance – while this is not a necessity, we recommend this as you never know what can occur and we do have a cancellation policy
  • Any extra treatments booked with our practitioners


Investment Price

$1880 including GST for a twin room.  And because you deserve to have time away with one of your friends and share a room together –

$1717 including GST, each, if booking with a friend.

Deposit of $500 will secure a place (balance to be paid before the event).

$2830 including GST for a single room.  A deposit of $700 will be needed to secure this booking.

Pay the entire amount up front and be awarded a $100 discount for a single booking, or a reduction of $50 each if booking with a friend.

Cancellation Policy.

100% refund (less deposit and expenses already paid) if cancelled before 20 June 2018.

75% refund (less deposit and expenses already paid) if cancelled before 20 July 2018.

50% refund (less deposit and expenses already paid) if cancelled before 20 August 2018.

Please note:

  • Definition of expenses paid include accommodation, admin fees, travel and booking of services. An example of this is if you have paid the full amount of the retreat and you cancel 4 weeks from the start date.  $500 has been paid to secure your accommodation, $25 on admin and $50 for your welcome pack that has already been purchased, total of this is equal to $575. Therefore $1700 less $575 = $1125 and 50% of this is $562.50 which is your refund (calculations are examples only).
  • If you would like to transfer your place to someone else after registration it will incur a $50 Admin fee.
  • If travelling by air do not book any air travel until we can confirm that we have met minimum numbers as we will not be responsible for refunding these in the event of the retreat not going ahead.
  • We advise that you consider purchasing travel insurance for this retreat when you pay your deposit as this can cover you for a number of events including illness and some cancellations (please read the disclaimers carefully). Please note though that travel insurance does not cover you for simply changing your mind.
  • If the Retreat is cancelled you may transfer your full retreat payment to another retreat, or you can request a refund of your payment to us, constituting a full settlement.
  • We are not responsible for your expenses incurred in preparation for any cancelled retreat, such as airline tickets, loss of work, and/or other costs associated with preparing for your trip.