Naturopathic Yoga

How’s your daily yoga practice looking?

If you’re anything like the rest of us, life has a habit of getting in the way. Perhaps your classes run too late, or the weather’s been bad. Maybe work has been hectic lately, you’ve been unwell, or family commitments have kept you away.

If your yoga pants have been seeing more of the couch or school drop-off than downward dog and child’s pose, that’s all the more reason to get back on the mat, and make time for you.


Which is why I created Naturopathic Yoga™.

After having two children, I had a flat butt, saggy boobs and a ‘mummy tummy’. Despite my love for yoga and healthy living, I didn’t want to be seen in public wearing a crop top. And I was feeling too self conscious to focus in class, so I wasn’t enjoying my practice, and I didn’t feel good.

Realising I wasn’t alone in this battle, I set about creating an online yoga course anyone could complete in the privacy of their own home. Combining my experience as a Naturopath, I curated sequences specifically designed to support the body’s healthy functioning, naturally.


Best of all, Naturopathic Yoga’s™ online yoga videos can be completed in the privacy of your own living room in 20 minutes or less, and they’re suitable for all experience levels. There’s no need to drive across town or search for a carpark, and you can get right back to Netflix when you’re done!


~ Amy Mingin ~ Naturopathic Yogini


Enrol Naturopathic Yoga™ is different to other styles of yoga you might have seen or tried before. That’s because it combines Naturopathic principles with yoga sequences designed to support your health naturally.

The online content consists of five series, each of which contains movements and poses targeting different body systems, including Thyroid and Metabolism, Digestion and Stress, Adrenal Activation, Cleanse the Liver, and the energy-lifting Rejuvenation Series. More content is being uploaded every month, so there is a sequence for you no matter how much time or experience you have.

Naturopathic Yoga™ will help you feel confident on the mat and empowered in the awareness of your own body, as you move through the course at your own pace and reach a whole new level of health.







Enrolling in Naturopathic Yoga

When you enrol in Naturopathic Yoga™, you receive unlimited access to all online yoga videos and course material for the duration of your chosen membership.

With Naturopathic Yogini Amy Mingin as your instructor, each video provides professional guidance to help you perform yoga poses safely and with correct form, in the privacy of your own home.

What you can expect from Naturopathic Yoga™

  • Learn how to engage your core – even if you didn’t know you had one!
  • Boosted metabolism, greater energy and elevated moods
  • Improved and more restful sleep, so you feel ready to jump out of bed without hitting snooze (again!)
  • You might notice your yoga pants fitting better, along with leaner and more toned arms and legs
  • Less stress and more time for you, with no more worries about getting to class on time
  • A wide variety of yoga sequences available 24-7 at the click of a button
  • And no more excuses, with quick and easy class durations of just 10 to 20 minutes. Everyone has time for Naturopathic Yoga™!
  • BONUS: Gain access to all new videos and course materials as they are uploaded, at no extra cost to you.